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Case Studies

In-situ Seal Change out to N-Line Cylinders

Odfjell RIS have successfully completed an in-situ seal change out on the N-Line tensioners aboard the Deep Sea Aberdeen. In what was a world first they have successfully changed the seals whilst the rig was on location in the Atlantic Ocean, West of the Shetland Isles.

The N-Line tensioners weighed over 18 tons each, in order to access the seals a complex rigging and lifting plan combined with Rope Access Techniques from Odfjell RIS and the skills from NOV and Bosch Rexroth ensured the successful execution of the task.

Andy Fairnie, RIS Manager said: “This was an extremely complex and demanding project which brought the best out in everyone involved. RIS are proud to have been involved in the Safe delivery of the project. This is a testament to everyone involved and sets the standard in how collaboration with a variety of 3rd party stakeholders can bring success.”

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