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Delivery Implementation

Total Management Responsibility and ownership of the client strategy implementation including inspection campaign planning, evaluation and reporting, and recommendations and management of actions required.

Construction of an FHA Management plan centred on an FHA Register for each asset and including assimilation of existing inspection and maintenance data previously carried out. FHA class risk assessment and verification procedures.

Digital FHA Register available to end user 24/7 via client web portal, therefore the register is a controlled live document. Paper free reporting and RFID tagging utilized throughout. Ruggedised tablet for data acquisition offshore.

Routine Offshore Inspection and Planned Maintenance of the FHA systems in accordance with procedures and OEM/client recommendations and industry best practice. Fully competent hose change out capability. RIS Rope Access available when required.

Integrated Onshore Support comprising change out campaign planning, purchasing, manning and logistics. Maximization of the Odfjell integrated operation, and its synergies, generating already proven high operational effectiveness.

Maintenance System Interface Management.  Odfjell RIS have experience and capability of integrating FHA management with the client’s maintenance system.  This provides visibility to the onshore maintenance supervisor and maintenance planner of upcoming inspection routines.  

  • Total Hose Management
  • Online FHA Register & RFID Technology
  • Inspection & Maintenance Integration
  • Offshore FHA Change Out Campaigns