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Risk Based Inspection Services

Risk based inspection involves the planning of an inspection on the basis of the information obtained from a risk analysis of the equipment. The purpose of the risk analysis is to identify the potential degradation mechanisms and threats to the integrity of the equipment and to assess the consequences and risks of failure. The inspection plan can then target the high risk equipment and be designed to detect potential degradation before fitness-for-service could be threatened

RIS would comply with the DNV recommended practise for risk based inspection programs (RP-G101) which recommends a method for establishing and maintaining a risk-based inspection (RBI) plan for offshore pressurised systems. It provides guidelines and recommendations which can be used to customize methods & working procedures that support the inspection planning process.

 RIS can provide the following services to manage an inspection and integrity program of the pressurised systems:-

  • Total Management of a Risk Based Inspection strategy including inspection campaign planning, evaluation and reporting of results and condition assessments, proposals for recommendations and actions required.
  • Onshore preparation of integrity management plan including compilation of existing inspection data previously carried out
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of the pressurised system including HP, LP and supporting systems in accordance with RIS and OEM/client procedures.
  • Onshore Support – engineering/spool change out scopes, planning, logistics, purchasing, freight forwarding.