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Specialist Surveys

EX Survey

  • Odfjell RIS can provide electricians to perform close and visual EX Surveys

TRI/LEV Inspections

  • Using testing equipment and experienced PRV Technicians offshore/onshore to meet your PRV/PG requirements. Registers can be managed and maintained.

PRV/PG Testing

Noise Survey

  • To advise on noise levels in certain areas on a platform. Detailed reports will be provided.

Light (LUX) Survey

  • Odfjell RIS can provide experienced technicians to measure light in specified areas to advise on insufficient levels of light for safe working operations.

Vibration Analysis

  • Is used to detect early warning signs before a machine failure. Such prevention methods allow machinery to be repaired or replaced in advance.

Multi-disciplined Rope Access Inspection Teams

Drill String Tubulars & Handling Tools

Derrick & Critical Load Path Inspection

RBI & Asset Integrity Management