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We support round the clock drilling operations and can provide engineering services and offshore personnel to deliver construction and fabrication, installation and removal services, including hook up and decommissioning of 3rd party equipment.


As company providers of asset uptime and TAR services, we can mobilise with minimal notice and provide autonomous delivery with zero impact on existing asset resources and services. In parallel with the core installation project, our support services provide Lift planning and Rigging, Rigging lofts (lifting equipment); NDT inspection and Rope Access which are all autonomous to minimise “draw” on client platform resources.


Our capabilities extend to cover requirements for use of multi-skilled installation management team offshore. Teams are specialised in all phases of the project, including Mechanical Completion and Commissioning through to handover of operations.


Our field-technicians have wide experience in offshore construction work both from the North Sea and International operations with a proven track record in a demanding environment.

Linking with our parent organisation, RIS can provide front end engineering; project planning, management & execution; and third party coordination services. 

  • Supporting round the clock drilling operations
  • Uptime and TAR services
  • Multi-skilled installation team
  • Project Engineering and Management

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